Lung Association Applauds University at Buffalo Decision to Go Smokefree

Buffalo Joins Growing Number of 'Curb to Curb' Smokefree Campuses across New York State

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ALBANY, NY (11/20/2008)(readMedia)-- The American Lung Association of New York today applauded the University at Buffalo, the largest public university in New York, for becoming the first SUNY campus in Western NY to decide to go 100 percent smokefree. The choice to prohibit smoking on campus from 'curb to curb' must now be replicated by more colleges and universities across New York.

"College students should end their academic careers with a diploma, not an increased risk of cancer due to years of secondhand smoke," said Louise Vetter, Chief Executive Officer. "Policies keeping tobacco off college campuses counteract the efforts of Big Tobacco to target college students and help turn smokefree teens into smokefree adults."

In September, the Lung Association released data highlighting the smoking policies on college and university campuses across New York. This information provides a local context to the findings in the American Lung Association's national report, Big Tobacco on Campus: Ending the Addiction, which found that one in five college students nationwide continue to smoke.

Curb to curb smokefree campuses are those where tobacco use is prohibited on all college or university owned property. In New York State, fourteen campuses identified themselves as curb to curb smokefree in the September report.

"We applaud the University at Buffalo for taking steps to make the university 100 percent smokefree next year," said Michael Seilback, Vice President, Public Policy & Communications. "If New York State's largest public campus can make this change for a healthier future, all public and private universities in New York should follow and protect the health of students, staff and visitors."

To view the listing of college and university smoking policies in New York State, or to view the Big Tobacco on Campus report, visit