Mayor Bloomberg Signs Public Health Laws Aimed at Reducing Exposure to Air Pollution

NEW YORK, NY (02/10/2009)(readMedia)-- Today, Mayor Bloomberg signed legislation which will decrease the amount of harmful vehicle idling in New York City. Recently passed by the New York City Council, these laws limit idling to one minute around schools and strengthen the enforcement of the idling law city-wide.

For the millions of New Yorkers struggling with lung health issues, breathing is always on their minds. Idling cars and other vehicles release dangerous air pollutants which are a major trigger for asthma attacks. Everyday thousands of drivers needlessly idle their trucks and cars for minutes, or even hours. By preventing the burning of millions of gallons of fuel each year, these laws will help alleviate the negative effects to public health from releasing thousands of tons of pollution into the air.

The American Lung Association in New York commends New York City for enacting these progressive public health measures and looks forward to working with municipalities across New York State in replicating similar standards and enforcement.

An interactive map showing air quality findings by county is available at