N.Y. Army National Guard Soldiers to deploy with 10th Mountain Division

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1st. Lt. Victoria Lovett, a member of the 10th Mountain Division Main Command Post-Operational Detachment, sets up an office on Jan. 9.

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (01/12/2018) (readMedia)-- Ninety-one New York Army National Guard Soldiers assigned to the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) Main Command Post Operational Detachment have mobilized and will deploy with elements of the Division Headquarters later this year.

They are members of the New York Army National Guard's newest unit, activated in 2016 in Syracuse, N.Y. , called a Main Command Post Operational Detachment, abbreviated as MCP-OD. ( "mick-pod")

The detachment is designed to augment the 10th Mountain Division's command post during combat deployments with staff officers and NCOs that bring added skills to the headquarters.

The Army created these detachments to reinforce active Army headquarters elements that were cut from about 700 personnel down to 500. Deploying National Guard Soldiers as part of these divisions helps make up the difference for unit deployments and also reduces the need for active-duty Soldiers to deploy as frequently.

The New York detachment mobilized on January 5th to conduct its predeployment training at Fort Drum.

At full strength the detachment will have 96 Soldiers. This includes five civil affairs Soldiers from the Army Reserve. Civil affairs is an Army Reserve specialty.

The detachment normally comes under the command of the New York Army National Guard's Troy-based 42nd Infantry Division.

The Soldiers have participated in three 10th Mountain Division command post exercises and a 10th Mountain Division Warfighter command post combat simulation exercise to prepare for the deployment.

"At this point, I have Soldiers with the best equipment, best training and leaving with the most deployed division in our modern history," said Lt. Col. Michael Bice, the detachment commander. "As a Soldier, does it really get any better?"

Bice, a Watertown resident, will serve as a 10th Mountain Division staff officer when the detachment deploys.