NY Naval Militia conducts change of command at Schodack Island State Park on June 22

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Naval Militia Rear Admiral Timothy Zakriski

SCHODACK , NY (06/21/2018) (readMedia)-- New York National Militia Rear Admiral Timothy Zakriski, a Glenville resident, will take command of the 2,800- member military force on the back deck of a 40-foot Naval Militia patrol boat at Schodack Island State Park on Friday June 22.

The New York Naval Militia is composed of current Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve members who have also agreed to serve on state active duty when called by the state of New York. They put the skills they've honed in federal military service to work for New York.

The Naval Militia also operates a fleet of nine patrol boats which respond to state emergencies, augment law enforcement agencies and support the U.S. Coast Guard.

WHO: Naval Militia Rear Admiral Timothy Zakriski, the incoming commander of the New York Naval Militia; Naval Militia Rear Admiral Ten Eyck "Trip" Powell, the outgoing commander of the New York Naval Militia, and Major General Anthony German, the Adjutant General of New York.

WHAT: A traditional naval change of command featuring the reading of the orders appointing a new commander. The ceremony will feature remarks from both the incoming and outgoing commanders and Major General Anthony German.

WHEN: 1 p.m. Friday, June 22, 2018

WHERE: Schodack Island State Park, 1 Schodack Island Way, Schodack Landing, NY 12156 (State Park officials will waive the admission fee for members of the press). Event is at the park dock on the Hudson River.

Coverage Opportunities:

Media can obtain Video and still imagery of the Naval Change of Command ceremony on the back deck of New York Naval Militia Patrol Board 400 at the Hudson River dock of Schodack Island State Park. There will be opportunities to interview the incoming and outgoing commanders.

Contact Eric Durr at 518-786-4581 for more information.

Naval Militia Rear Admiral Timothy Zakriski

Rear Admiral Timothy Zakriski is a native of Glenville, NY, a graduate of Niskayuna High School and Hudson Valley Community College. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Union College.

Formerly serving in the Marine Corps Reserve, Zakriski was commissioned an Ensign, Civil Engineer Corps, and Navy Reserve in 1982.

A member of the New York State Naval Militia since 1980 and a Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer, Zakriski first served in an advisory capacity to the Naval Militia Commander on Naval Construction Force (Navy Seabees) capabilities.

Subsequently he was appointed as Deputy Commander, and then Commander of Northern Command. In 2016, RDML Zakriski was appointed Naval Militia Deputy Commander. He participated in New York Naval Militia response to Hurricanes Irene, Lee, and Tropical Storm Sandy, during which 300 Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve personnel were mobilized for service as militiamen, throughout the affected areas of the state.

Zakriski is married to the former Kathleen Russell, and they have two sons. In his civilian life, he is the owner of Aero Engineering. He began his professional civilian career performing construction management and engineering for consultants and contractors.

He entered the public sector in 1980, working at the NY Department of Public Service for thirty years, retiring in 2011 as Chief, Telecommunications Programs. Subsequent to his retirement he worked with FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene as a technical specialist on infrastructure recovery. He is a registered professional engineer in New York.

"Tim Zakriski is a proven leader who played a key role in deploying Naval Militia members during the state's response to Tropical Storms Irene and Lee in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012," said Major General Anthony German, the Adjutant General of New York. " As a Navy Reservist he's also played a key role in humanitarian operations overseas. I look forward to having him on our command team."

Naval Militia Rear Admiral Ten Eyck "Trip" Powell

Rear Admiral Ten Eyck "Trip" Powell, III is a resident of Coeymans, New York, and a graduate of Syracuse University. He was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy in 1978. Attending flight school in Pensacola, Florida, he received his Wings of Gold as a Naval Flight Officer.

Powell was assigned to VS- 41, with subsequent assignment to VS-31 at Naval Air Station, Cecil Field, Florida. Flying the S3- a Viking Carrier Anti-submarine aircraft, he deployed with the squadron to the Persian Gulf onboard USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN-69).

Powell transferred from VS-31, reporting in March 1983 to Navy Recruiting District Albany, as an officer recruiter and department head. In March 1986, Powell affiliated with the Navy Reserve where he held various command and staff positions.

He retired from the United States Navy, in the rank of Captain, in July 2008. Having affiliated with the New York Naval Militia in 1986, he was assigned as N5, Assistant Chief of Staff, Assigned as Commander, and Naval Militia Northern Command in October 2010, he was mobilized by New York State during Operation Irene and Operation Sandy. Powell was assigned as Deputy Commander for Operations for the New York Naval Militia in January 2013.

Powell was promoted to Rear Admiral (lower half) on August, 2014 and subsequently selected to Command the New York Naval Militia effective December, 2014.

Powell is married to Julia Dessloch, MD, and has three children. In civilian life, he is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The H.B. Davis Seed Company, in Albany.

The PB-400

The PB 400 was built by MetalCraft Marine of Kingston, Ontario and was received in 2004. It is a 44 foot boat with twin inboard 430 HP Cummins diesel engines and screw propeller propulsion. The PB 400 is capable of several missions, including maritime vulnerability assessment and maritime patrol. With an enclosed and heated cabin, it is suitable for year-round operations. It has a fuel capacity of up to 400 gallons, is an average weight of 25,000 lbs., and has a crew size of 2-3 (with a maximum capacity of 20 persons).

The New York Naval Militia

On June 23, 1891 New York First Battalion, Naval Reserve Artillery, was mustered into the service of New York. The following year this first group of Naval Militia volunteers was called for State Active Duty to protect steam ship passengers during the 1892 New York City cholera quarantine at Fire Island.

Following the sinking of the USS Maine, the Navy Department called up Naval Militia volunteers for duty in the Federal Auxiliary Naval Force; The Spanish American War had begun and the New York Naval Militia was in the thick of it. New York Naval Militiamen manned two auxiliary cruisers that were engaged in the Battle of Santiago and served aboard various other ships including patrol craft tasked with protecting New York Harbor.

During the early 1900's frequent attempts by Congress to create a National Naval Reserve failed. In 1914 however, Congress passed the Naval Militia Act which placed the State organizations under the supervision of the Navy Department.

1916 saw the establishment of the United States Naval Reserve Force. Unfortunately, only those persons with prior naval service could affiliate. This left the Naval Militias as the only avenue for landlubbers to become sailors. The National Defense Act of 1916 resulted in the creation of the National Naval Volunteers, which the New York Naval Militia joined en- masse. 1916 also saw the formation of a Naval Militia Marine Company. The Militia Marine Company was the first in the Nation and predated the United States Marine Corps Reserve program by four months. In addition, the donation of a hydroplane, by patriotic NY citizens, marked the beginning of the Naval Reserve Aviation Program.

During the next 34 years, the New York Naval Militia (Naval volunteers/Navy and Marine Corps Reserves) were federally mobilized for both World Wars (100%) and the Korean conflict (75%). It was during the Korean conflict that many of the State Militias began to disappear. The New York Naval Militia recognized the parallel to the Reserve structure and the New York Military Law was changed, making it compulsory for all New York Naval Militia members to be drilling Navy or Marine Corps Reservists.

Today, the New York Naval Militia is the only federally recognized Naval Militia with continuous, unbroken service dating back to the 1890s. Its members are proud of the Naval Militia's long history and tradition of voluntarism and service to the Nation and to the State of New York, and have dedicated themselves to carrying this tradition into the future.