NYSARC, Inc. President John A. Schuppenhauer Announces "NYSARC Gives Back" Campaign

Announcement was made at the 62nd Annual NYSARC, Inc. Convention, marking the start of Schuppenhauer's second term

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NYSARC. Inc. President John A. Schuppenhauer

DELMAR, NY (10/31/2011)(readMedia)-- NYSARC, Inc., the nation's largest parent and family-governed organization supporting people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, elected John A. Schuppenhauer, a Canandaigua resident, its President on October 21 at the Organization's 62nd Annual Convention. It is Schuppenhauer's second term and he took the opportunity to announce the NYSARC Gives Back community support project.

"For 62 years, NYSARC staff have dedicated themselves to a life of providing supports and services for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities," Schuppenhauer commented. "Throughout this time, our amazing staff and the people who are supported by our staff have continually sought out other ways to give to the community. Every year, our 55 local Chapters participate in blood drives, food bank collections, volunteer programs, and more. In 2012, we will be highlighting these efforts as part of our NYSARC Gives Back program."

In addition, President Schuppenhauer was excited to announce a special "President's Project" as part of the NYSARC Gives Back initiative: "Currently slated for the last week of March, 2012, the President's Project will be a consolidated statewide effort to perform volunteer activities in our local communities." Schuppenhauer went on to elaborate, "NYSARC will help provide an opportunity for every staff member, volunteer, and self-advocate to get involved. In troubling economic times like these, it is important for communities to come together. The President's Project and the NYSARC Gives Back initiative is our attempt at lending a helping hand."

Also of note from the Organization's 62nd Convention was the appointment of David Liscomb, a self-advocate who is supported by NYSARC's Jefferson County Chapter, to the Statewide Board of Governors, the decision-making body for NYSARC, Inc. Upon his appointment, Liscomb stressed the importance of the job, "I will do my best to serve as a Board member, knowing that I play an important role in this Organization and in our future. As a self-advocate, I appreciate NYSARC's recognition of the contributions that self-advocates can make and, after serving on Committees and my own Chapter's Board of Directors, welcome the opportunity to make a difference at this level."

For more information on the Convention, the NYSARC Gives Back campaign, and the President's Project, please visit the NYSARC, Inc. website at www.nysarc.org.

About NYSARC, Inc.

NYSARC, Inc. is the largest not-for-profit in New York State and the United States serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The 55 Chapters comprising the family-led Organization provide services in every County in New York State. NYSARC, Inc. supports over 60,000 individuals, employs 30,000, and has a membership of nearly 87,000.