Nazareth College Hosts International Conference Looking at Women and Gender in Religions, July 30-August 1

ROCHESTER, NY (07/27/2017) WHAT: Nazareth College is hosting Sacred Texts and Human Contexts: Women and Gender in Religions from Sunday, July 30 - Tuesday, August 1. This international symposium will elaborate on how religions have viewed and interpreted their sacred texts throughout their histories with reference to women and gender relations. It will also reveal how experts in religious studies and social studies are reconsidering their religious and spiritual teachings about this very important topic. Click for full conference schedule

Some of the issues that presenters will consider exploring are:

  • Religious rights and obligations, especially in leading worship services and holding key positions in religious hierarchy
  • Reproductive rights such as birth control, abortion, and access to health services
  • Equal opportunities such as equal employment, equal pay, and social security irrespective of color and race
  • Marriage including women's consent to marriage, divorce, custody of children, and inheritance
  • Social relations such as family dispute, conflict resolution, and other interrelated factors
  • Sexual orientation including issues around rights of the LGBTQ community
  • Constitutional rights such as equal political and social opportunities
  • Equal educational opportunities at all levels

WHERE: Nazareth College | Otto Shults Community Center | 4245 East Avenue, 14618

WHEN: Sunday, July 30 at 5 p.m. in Shults Center Forum : best media op is at opening remarks