New Facilities Management Bachelor's Degree Launched at SUNY Delhi

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According to Professor Gary Brackett (far right), the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) enthusiastically encouraged SUNY Delhi in its efforts to bring about the program.

DELHI, NY (01/26/2018) (readMedia)-- SUNY Delhi will launch a new Bachelor of Technology in Facilities Management that will build on the strengths of Delhi's School of Applied Technologies, and in particular, its Construction Management program.

"The program's competitive advantage is the hands-on nature of the degree," said Nancy Macdonald, Dean of Applied Technologies. "There aren't many options for students to study facilities management, and the academic programs that do exist are highly theoretical, lacking the hands-on, experiential content that is central to an Applied Tech degree from SUNY Delhi."

The Bachelor of Technology (B.T.) degree in Facilities Management prepares students to manage the buildings and the systems of large complexes, including hospitals, commercial buildings, residential or retail centers, educational facilities and other establishments. The new degree will bring technology into the classroom where students will perform laboratory exercises and learn various types of software commonly used in the industry today.

Industry leaders were approached by SUNY Delhi faculty for insight in fine-tuning the curriculum. Construction managers and facilities managers, from varying backgrounds, helped develop the curriculum. According to Dean Macdonald, these external partners have been valuable in identifying important subject areas to include in the Facilities Management learning experience. "Which is why there is a great deal of industry interest in the degree program," said Professor Gary Brackett, a lead instructor for the program. "For example, when we shared our proposal to offer such a degree with New York State members of the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA), they enthusiastically encouraged SUNY Delhi in its efforts to bring about the program and expressed interest in hiring student interns from the planned internship program."

The students' educational experience will include participation in an extensive work internship that will deepen each student's understanding by allowing them to experience the job first-hand.

The Facilities Management program also incorporates sustainable practices, organizational behavior, supervisory abilities, project management, analyzing, problem solving, and other skills. Graduates will be fluent in their capacity to plan, design, oversee, and communicate with others in this industry. This evolving profession is demanding in the varied knowledge it entails, and today requires managers to embrace the complete life-cycle of facilities. By integrating classroom studies with hands-on laboratory activities and an internship, students will complete this program well prepared for the diverse opportunities available in this field.

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