Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Conference Presentation

Dr. Megan E. Diskin Monahan, Assistant Professor of History, and senior Noalani Hendricks, each presented a conference paper at the Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in New Orleans, LA on January 6, 2018. Dr. Monahan shared a chapter from her upcoming book on postwar female labor activists in Hawaii: "Union-Proud Women: From Picking Pineapples to Forging a New Service Solidarity in Hawaii's Hotels." Meanwhile, Ms. Hendricks, who was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta last fall, debuted her first conference paper, entitled, "Richard Nixon: Villainy & Grace," as she plans to begin her doctoral studies in American history this fall. Phi Alpha Theta is the American honor society for undergraduate, graduate students and professors of history, which celebrated the 70th anniversary of its charter here at Cedar Crest College last year.

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