Polls Are Closed: Here's What Next for New York

NEW YORK, NY (11/08/2022) (readMedia)-- Common Cause/NY ran yet another successful statewide election protection program on Election Day. Election Day was smooth across the state with minor issues including various locations where some voters had a hard time accessing affidavit ballots or found themselves inaccurately labeled inactive, poll workers who were misinformed about new laws, and two instances of a person pulling a false fire alarm at a poll site in Clinton County. Overall, most voters had a seamless voting process thanks to local Boards of Elections.

"Voters can feel confident that elections in New York are highly regulated, safe, and secure – and that includes the counting of ballots. Democracy takes time and every vote counts. That's why final results will not be available right away. Accurate and fair election results are worth waiting for," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

Here's what to expect now post-election day:

  • Trusted election officials are counting and verifying every ballot to ensure that every vote is counted. Our election system is safe and secure and follows the law.
  • In New York, thanks to a new pro-voter law, absentee ballots are counted as they come in. However, election night results are not complete. This is because:
    • The deadline for receipt of absentee ballots is Tuesday, November 15th and absentee ballots will continue to be counted as they are received.
    • Affidavit ballots will be canvassed four days after the election.
    • We caution against candidates declaring victory too early in close races.
  • Election night results will include all ballots cast on election day and during early voting, as well as valid absentee ballots that have been received through early voting.