Ready to Work/Work & Learn Dynamic Leadership Institute Phase 1: Personal Development

Students attended the Dynamic Leadership Institute (Phase 1): Personal Development, presented by David Powers, Career & Workforce Development Coordinator for Western Kentucky University Owensboro. This phase included:

PHASE 1 (four personal development and self-awareness sessions)

Understanding Personality Differences

This session utilizes the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to help participants better understand individual personality preferences and to improve the manner in which they relate to other personality types. Participants will learn strategies to intentionally "manage" and "use" their personality more effectively when trying to influence others. Type implications on leadership and supervision are a focus.

Effective Communication

The key to effective communication is the art of listening. This session provides participants with a better understanding of communication interference and presents practices that help eliminate the various "noises" we must overcome to be a good communicator. Emphasized in this program is the role context plays in the communication process, and participants are encouraged to modify the way they communicate to fit the context of the audience.

Problem Solving

Participants practice small group problem solving to gain a better understanding of team dynamics. They learn practices that enhance their influence within small groups and gain insight on how to address group member conflict and non-functional behavior. Through team activity, participants become more knowledgeable about the problem solving process and dealing with "difficult" people.

Diversity Awareness -Global Beads

The role diversity plays in leadership and influence is presented. Participants are encouraged to become intentional in their experience of diversity and to gain a greater understanding of cultural differences. The importance of culturally literacy and the appreciation and value various types (ethnic, gender, age, thought, personality...) of diversity are emphasized.

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