Research about Clarkson's Potsdam Campus Presented at a National Mathematics Conference

Four Clarkson undergraduate students presented results of their research at Mathfest, the national flagship conference of Mathematical Association of America (MAA), held in Cincinnati, OH from Jul 31 to Aug 3, 2019.

These students were among 15 students, majoring in mathematical and engineering disciplines, that participated in the pilot offering of the Mathematical Consulting class (STAT488), taught by Dr. Marko Budisic, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, in Spring 2019. This class is a part of a nation-wide MAA program, Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematics (PICMath) that aims to connect students in mathematical sciences with industrial partners in order to enable students to work on real industry problem, and highlight the range of careers in business, industry, and government that have a need for hiring students with majors and minors in mathematical sciences.

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