Retirees Applaud Comptroller DiNapoli's Opposition to Constitutional Convention

ALBANY, NY (09/29/2016)(readMedia)-- Edward C. Farrell, Executive Director of the Retired Public Employees Association (RPEA) today commended Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli for expressing his opposition to the prospect of convening a constitutional convention. Farrell stated, "We are very pleased that Comptroller DiNapoli agrees with us that a constitutional convention would be an incredibly expensive boondoggle, as was the case the last time." DiNapoli noted his opposition while addressing the RPEA Annual Meeting in Albany.

The New York constitution requires that every twenty years voters are asked if they want to convene a constitutional convention. That question will appear on the 2017 election ballot. Twenty years ago, when it appeared the last time, it was rejected by 62% of the voters.

Farrell noted, "The last time we had a constitutional convention was 1967, at a cost of $10 million. The recommendations of that convention were overwhelmingly rejected by the voters. It was an incredible waste of money. Furthermore, many of the delegates at the convention were legislators and other elected officials who were double dipping and getting extra pension credits. This is not the way to go."

Farrell concluded, "We urge other elected officials to join us and Comptroller DiNapoli in opposing this ill advised proposal."