School Budget Revotes: 22 out of 24 Pass Second Time Around

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ALBANY, NY (06/20/2012)(readMedia)-- On Tuesday, June 19th 24 school districts whose budgets were defeated or failed to get the 60% supermajority to override the tax cap went back to the voters for a second try at passage.

Only two school districts – Oppenheim-Ephratah CSD and Cheektowaga-Sloan UFSD failed to get a simple majority to pass their budgets, and both are considered below average wealth school districts. The remaining 22 school districts passed their budgets (see attached list).

Of the 22 passed budgets, only three exceeded their tax cap and obtained the 60% supermajority required – Stillwater CSD, Elmont UFSD and Highland CSD.

Fifteen or 62% of the school districts that went for a revote are small rural or urban school districts with below average wealth ratios.

"These results are good news for schools and their students with now a total of 675 out of 677 school districts passing their budgets this year – a 99% approval rate", stated Michael J. Borges, Executive Director of the New York State Association of School Business Officials.