Statement from DMV Commissioner David J. Swarts

OSC Audit of MANYS Contract Received

ALBANY, NY (03/17/2009)(readMedia)-- "The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is in receipt of the final audit by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) regarding the administration of the contract with the Motorcycle Association of New York State (MANYS). The Department appreciates the insights and advice offered by the Comptroller in regard to this important program.

"As noted in the Comptroller's audit, in May of 2006, DMV put MANYS on notice regarding its lack of full contract compliance and actively sought changes in the law to ensure the state would allow multiple vendors to bid for the motorcycle safety training contract. After the Department's recommendations were passed by the Legislature and signed into law, the DMV sought an RFP for vendors that were capable of complying with all aspects of the motorcycle program.

"After a full competitive bidding process, the Department has awarded the State's new motorcycle safety program contract to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). As a result of the changes in law and this new contract, we believe that the issues raised by the OSC audit will not occur in the future and that more high quality programs will be available to motorcyclists across the state. The bidding process demonstrated that the MSF has a proven track record of promoting proper motorcycle operation and heightening awareness among the general public regarding sharing the road in four other large states. We welcome the MSF as a valued partner in highway safety."