Students Face Off, Plant the Seeds for Rewarding Careers at National Collegiate Landscape Competition

The National Collegiate Landscape Competition is an annual three-day competition and networking event for students enrolled in interior and exterior horticulture programs at two- and four-year colleges and universities from across the country. Each year, a different host location is selected, which gives the participants a chance to see different parts of the country and also increases the level of difficulty for some of the outdoor competitions.

This year, ICC students traveled to Provo, Utah, March 15-18 to participate in the event. More than 750 landscape industry students demonstrate their skills in real-world, competitive events coupled with an outstanding Career Fair. The National Collegiate Landscape Competition provides landscape industry companies with unparalleled opportunities to meet and recruit next-generation landscape industry superstars.

ICC students placed 23rd out of 60 teams competing and had students finish as high as 33rd out of the 672 individual students. ICC was the second highest ranking school in the state, finishing just behind College of DuPage, which placed 22nd.

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