Syracuse Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing Misguided

Statement Attributable to Brad Gill, Executive Director, Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York

HAMBURG, NY (10/24/2011)(readMedia)-- "The city of Syracuse's ban on hydraulic fracture stimulation does not consider the safe history of natural gas exploration in New York, the strict regulatory structure of local, state and federal governmental bodies that regulate our industry, and the 60-year record of success in this country.

Natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing are proven, trusted and highly scientific technologies.

The issues surrounding the development of the Marcellus Shale in New York have been the subject of exhaustive analysis, scrutiny and discussion by Governor Cuomo's administration and numerous state agencies. This process is ongoing, with a public comment period now underway to elicit input on a voluminous proposed permit and regulatory process.

It is our strong opinion that neither the city of Syracuse – nor any other locality in the state – has the legal authority to enact such measures. There are several localities that have approved similar ordinances in recent weeks and now find that these actions are being challenged in lawsuits against those local governments."

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