Treasurer Fitzgerald to Launch a Statewide Treasure Hunt for Unclaimed Money

DES MOINES, IA (08/16/2022) (readMedia)-- State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald is preparing to launch the upcoming fall Great Iowa Treasure Hunt list, which will include newly added names of past and present Iowans with unclaimed funds in the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. "Many people are surprised to find their name, or the name of someone they know on the list," said Fitzgerald. "But having unclaimed funds, such as from a forgotten investment account or final paycheck, is actually more common than you might think." Since Fitzgerald created it in 1983, the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt has returned more than $325 million to more than 614,000 individuals.

When assets held by financial institutions go a specific period of time with no activity or contact from the owner, State law requires the institutions to turn the assets over to the Treasurer's Office for safekeeping. It is then the Treasurer's responsibility to locate and reunite the funds with the owner or heir, which is done through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.

"Unclaimed property comes in many types and sizes, but the most common are savings and checking accounts, stocks, uncashed checks, life insurance policies, security deposits and safe deposit box contents," continued Fitzgerald. "You never know what treasure you'll find at!"

You can look for the upcoming fall publication list in your local newspaper; however, there's no need to wait. Begin your search and make a claim anytime, anywhere at It's free, secure and easy to use. Keep up with all of Treasurer Fitzgerald's programs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.