V. Scott Koerwer, EdD, of Dallas, publishes article in Duke Corporate Education's journal, Dialogue

The article, entitled "Agility Architects," examines strategies for leaders to adopt an agile approach

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SCRANTON, PA (01/11/2019) V. Scott Koerwer, EdD, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine's (GCSOM) vice president for strategy, planning & communication and vice dean for graduate education, as well as professor of organizational systems and innovation, published an article in the December 2018 edition of Duke Corporate Education's journal, Dialogue. The article can be viewed online at www.dukece.com.

The article, entitled "Agility Architects," examines strategies for leaders to shed outmoded, linear ways of thinking about competitive advantages and adopt an agile approach that can keep organizations proactive as the pace of evolution ofmarkets, organizations and their people quickens.As the article states, "Today, maintaining competitive advantage is like riding a wave. The strategic question is no longer whether you can create sustainable advantage by riding a single-value wave, but how long you can catch and ride a wave before it crashes while positioning yourself to catch the next value wave without being crushed by it." The authors conclude that leaders must be "agility architects," ready to "synchronize within and across the market, the organization and the human" to secure the success of their organization.

Dr. Koerwer's co-authors include Joe Perfetti, a University of Maryland Smith School of Business professor, who is an Innovation Fellow at Duke CE and an expert in corporate finance and strategy; Tony O'Driscoll, a professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business; and Michael Canning, global head of new businesses at Duke Corporate Education.

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