Warrior Run Mountain Series Announces Labrador Mountain Quest for April 28, 2012

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TRUXTON, NY (01/21/2012)(readMedia)-- The Warrior Run Labrador Mountain Quest, an extreme 5K challenge is now open for registration. The Labrador Warrior Run will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2012 with a hardcore 5K race, challenging the body and mind in fierce and friendly competition. Warrior Run originated in the Northeastern US having its first event at West Mountain, in Glens Falls, NY. Warrior Run Mountain Series is growing exponentially with 3 new mountain runs scheduled for early 2012, the company expects to have 8-10 events for the 2012 Warrior Run Season. The Warrior Run Mountain Series events pit each participating individual or individual teams in a wave against 500 competitors to navigate an extreme 5K course of mud and fire pits and aggressive terrain. The day consists of 3-4 waves of adventure seekers having extreme competitive fun and a rock style after party with live music headlining, a helicopter and beer taps flowing. The Warrior Run Mountain Series is an extreme challenge that turns into a social celebration, where people rock out, gloat, laugh and raise their glasses to each other during a Warrior feast.

Labrador Mountain is located in Truxton, NY within 30 minutes to Cortland, & Syracuse. The crew at Labrador Mountain have been hard at work finishing a complete facelift for their 2011-2012 Ski Season with improvements to the ski shop and rental department, that will provide more open area for seating and gear change that will assist in moving traffic in a faster manor. The mechanical system has been upgraded on the Ptarmigan lift to a variable speed drive that will help in the maintenance of the lift and also be beneficial to everyday skiing visitors.

"So far over 3000 people have registered for the 2012 Warrior Run Mountain Series to challenge themselves," said Steven Conklin, Owner of Warrior Run Mountain Series. "Labrador Mountain and Warrior Run will give people an extreme 5K course to overcome obstacles and terrain in a bid to prove themselves amongst a field of like minded competitors. I've been an athlete all my life, I have competed as a triathlete, and bobsledder who made an Olympic bid, and there comes a time when the typical outlets just don't challenge you anymore. I saw an opportunity to create an extreme event that would be a challenge for any skill level, then added a feast with live music to create the Warrior Run Mountain Series!"

Warrior Run Mountain Series combine a 5k run with obstacles including; mud, fire, climbing walls, and extreme terrain to create the most pulse pounding test for adventure seeker. Warrior Run originated in northeastern US having its first event at West Mountain in 2011. The 2012 Warrior Run Mountain Series has 3 new mountain events and over 3000 registrants already signed up for 2012 events. Warrior Run Mountain Series events pit each participating individual or team against a wave of 500 hundred adventure seekers in friendly competition. Warrior Run Mountain Series then provides an extreme rock concert style after party that is fueled by a passion for extreme sports with live music, food and beer! Over 3000 people have registered for the 2012 Warrior Run Mountain Series. Do you have what it takes to do Warrior Run? Prove it !

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