Warrior Run Mountain Series Issues Challenge to Participants, Who Is the Extreme Warrior of 2012?

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Challenge to find 2012 Extreme Warrior

SARATOGA, NY (02/11/2012)(readMedia)-- Warrior Run Mountain Series is a 5k extreme challenge that has issued a challenge to participants of their 2012 race schedule. Warrior Run is looking for the next Extreme Warrior of 2012, this individual will exhibit the desire to win with the best time, outfit and over all enthusiasm for the Warrior Run. The Warrior trophy is accompanied by a unique prize package. The award also includes media coverage, photo opportunities and perks for the 2013 Warrior Run Season. The Extreme Warrior will be entered into the Warrior Run Hall of Fame as the 2012 Warrior of the year. The Extreme Warrior award is the first of its kind to be announced by Warrior Run.

This news coincides with the announcement of the addition of Willard Mountain to their extreme competition schedule that focuses in and around New York State. Willard Mountain will host the Warrior Challenge on June 16th, 2012. Warrior Run registration is open for the competitive minded, the high spirited and/or adventure seekers 14 years and up to grab their friends and build a team to enjoy a crazy day together. The extreme race will challenge each participant with a mix of treacherous terrain, intense obstacles, fire and of course mud. The Willard Mountain Warrior Run is setting the stage as Saratoga Region's fierce yet friendly competition. Warrior Run originated in Northeastern US having its first event at West Mountain, in Glens Falls, NY. Warrior Run draws all kinds of participants from wacky costumed teams, wildly dressed individuals and adventure enthusiasts who get gritty competing to get to the rock style after party fueled by flowing beer taps, food & headlining live music.

"The same reasons Willard is such a great family mountain for skiing is why it is perfect for Warrior Run" quotes Steven Conklin, race director. "The incline and decline is more gradual than last year, though the elevation will definitely remind you that it's a mountain race". We are adding more obstacles to satisfy both the casual and serious runner. Though we are on pace to once again sell out the event we always want to improve and make the day even more enjoyable and challenging. There comes a time when the typical outlets just don't challenge you anymore. Warrior Run is an opportunity to test yourself in a challenge that is fierce or friendly for any skill level, with a feast and live music warrior after party that makes finishing the race, much more sweet."

Warrior Run Mountain Series has 3 mountain events scheduled for 2012, but with more in the works the company expects to have 8-10 events on the schedule before the end of the year. Each Mountain Series event has participants set out in waves of 500 competitors, with 3-4 waves of tackling the extreme 5K course over a few hours. View the website www.warriorrunmountainseries.com.

Warrior Run Mountain Series combine a 5k run with extreme obstacles including; mud, fire, climbing walls, and treacherous terrain to create the most pulse pounding test for adventure seeker. The 2012 Warrior Run Mountain Series has 3 new mountain events and over 3000 registrants already signed up for the season. Each Warrior Run Mountain Series events puts individual or team participants against a wave of 500 like minded warriors in a fierce but friendly competition. Warrior Run Mountain Series then provides an extreme rock concert style after party that is fueled by a passion for extreme sports with live music, food and beer! Over 3000 people have registered for the 2012 Warrior Run Mountain Series. Do you have what it takes to do Warrior Run ? Prove it !

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