BOE Refusing to Let Russian and Haitian Creole Interpreters at Poll Sites

Common Cause will be on site to make sure non-native speakers get the assistance they're entitled to

NEW YORK, NY (11/07/2017) (readMedia)-- Today, Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY will be at poll sites throughout Southern Brooklyn to work to ensure that Russian and Haitian Creole interpreters are able to properly assist voters despite opposition from the New York City Board of Elections (NYCBOE).

The BOE is refusing to permit taxpayer funded interpreters inside of poll sites, or even in proximity to the entrance, requiring them to stand 100 feet away due to supposed electioneering. Common Cause/NY helped train the interpreters to avoid partisan questions and instead focus on helping voters read the ballot and understand instructions and signs.

"The Board is making our elections needlessly complicated for non-native speakers, by depriving them of the assistance to which they're entitled. Thousands of Russian and Haitian Creole speakers are depending on interpreters to help them vote today, and Common Cause will be on site to make sure taxpayer funded resources are available to help them do so," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

Below is a list of poll sites where Russian and Haitian Creole interpreters will be stationed. Please contact Becky Stern at (516) 581-5707 or for locations and times for Susan Lerner.

Poll sites with Russian and Haitian Creole interpreters:

Shorefront YM-YWHA 3300 Coney Island Avenue

Trump Village Bldg 7A 2942 West 5 Street Russian
PS 209 2609 East 7 Street Russian
Seacoast Towers 1311 Brightwater Avenue Russian
PS 90 2840 West 12 Street Russian
William E. Grady CTE High School 25 Brighton 4 Road Russian
PS 188 3314 Neptune Avenue Russian
Shore View Nursing Home 2865 Brighton 3 Street Russian
PS 329 2929 West 30 Street Russian
Trump Village Bldg 3A 444 Neptune Avenue Russian
Haber House 3024 West 24 Street Russian
O'Dwyer Community Center 2945 West 33 Street Russian
Brightwater's Comm Room 501A Surf Avenue Russian
Youth Center 2739 Harway Avenue Russian
Harway Terrace 2475 West 16 Street Russian
PS 68 JHS 956 East 82 Street Haitian-Creole
PS 276 1070 East 83 Street Haitian-Creole
Canarsie HS 1600 Rockaway Parkway Haitian-Creole
PS 251 1037 East 54 Street Haitian-Creole
PS 115 1500 East 92 Street Haitian-Creole