Common Cause/NY Launches GOTV Campaign: Three Ways To Vote NY!

New Yorkers can vote early, absentee or on Election Day for the upcoming June primaries

NEW YORK, NY (06/02/2020) (readMedia)-- Exactly three weeks from Primary Day, June 23rd, Common Cause/NY is launching a GOTV campaign called "Three Ways to Vote New York:" early, absentee and on Election Day. Absentee voting has correctly received much attention, but voters with disabilities, those who require translation services and anyone else can also vote in-person safely and securely. The branded campaign will consist of tele-town halls, visibility on social media, postcards to voters, among other things.

The three ways to vote are:

  • Early
    • Early voting runs from June 13th to June 21st throughout the state.
    • Voters can find their poll site here.
  • Absentee
    • All voters who do not want to vote in person because of COVID-19 must request an absentee ballot by June 16th. Once they fill out the absentee ballot in blue or black ink and sign the envelope properly, they must return it by mail by June 22nd.
  • On Election Day
    • Poll sites throughout the state will be open on Election Day June 23rd from 6am to 9pm. Boards of Elections will be taking proper health and safety precautions, practicing social distancing and following the most recent CDC sanitary and mass gathering protocol.
    • Voters can find their poll site here.

"Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, voters need to know there are three ways to vote this June: early, absentee and on Election Day. Many campaigns are promoting absentee voting, but not alerting voters that they can also vote in-person. New Yorkers need to know all of their options, so they can get out the safe vote!" said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

Currently, New York State has a very narrow set of reasons as to why voters can request an absentee ballot and vote absentee. Governor Cuomo temporarily expanded those reasons to include anyone who is concerned over the spread of an illness during a state of emergency for the June primary. Senator Biaggi has introduced a bill expanding those qualifications to include the general election and beyond.

In January 2019, New York joined 37 other states to establish Early Voting, giving voters nine days ahead of Election Day to cast their ballots. Common Cause/NY was among one of the leading voices calling for reform in New York. Now Common Cause/NY is also calling on the state Legislature to double the days of early voting and expand early voting hours and locations to disperse in-person voters. Other states, like Washington, give voters 18 days to cast their ballots early. With more time to vote and additional poll sites, voters will have more opportunities to cast their ballot safely.