Common Cause/NY Says Mayor de Blasio Should Participate in Democratic Mayoral Primary Debate

Candidates who request additional matching funds should debate, whether required to or not

NEW YORK, NY (08/01/2017) (readMedia)-- In response to yesterday's confirmation by the New York City Campaign Finance Board (NYCCFB) that Mayor Bill de Blasio will not be required to participate in a Democratic Primary debate in order to receive up to an additional $4 million dollars in city matching funds, Common Cause/NY Executive Director Susan Lerner issued the following statement:

"The Mayor is correct that the NYCCFB rules do not compel him to participate in an official primary debate as a condition of accepting additional matching funds. Indeed, we are pleased to see him using the public financing system to help fund his campaign with small dollar donors. However, he can send a strong message about his commitment to the values of democracy by agreeing to publicly debate thoughtful if underfunded opponents. The Mayor often sets a high bar for himself and his administration, and we hope he will take the opportunity to fully live up to it. "