Common Cause/NY Weighs in on Sam Hoyt Sexual Harassment Allegations

NEW YORK, NY (11/20/2017) (readMedia)-- In response to multiple news stories about sexual harassment allegations against Sam Hoyt and how the state handled complaints against him, Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY released the following statement:

"The state appears to have prioritized protecting Sam Hoyt over protecting his victim from sexual harassment. First, by overlooking his abuse of power in the Assembly with an intern and promoting him on the tax payer dime to a powerful position, then by allowing him to discretely leave his post without reprimand while a woman he paid $50,000 to filed a complaint and is still waiting for answers. We have seen repeatedly how Albany politicians tolerate sexual misconduct at the expense of female staff. These allegations raise serious questions that JCOPE must swiftly resolve."