Environmental Watchdog Calls on Cuomo Administration to Clarify Fracking Process

Vague DEC Statement Does Not Indicate Whether Permitting Will Proceed

ALBANY, NY (10/01/2012)(readMedia)-- On Friday, September 28, Governor Andrew Cuomo's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) released a brief statement indicating that no regulations for high-volume hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," would be finalized until Department of Health Commissioner Shah reviews the DEC's already-completed health impact assessment.

In response, Environmental Advocates of New York is calling on the administration to clarify whether any fracking permits will be issued prior to regulations being finalized and is issuing the following statement from Katherine Nadeau, Water & Natural Resources Program Director:

"It appears that Governor Cuomo has heard the public outcry about the need to fully assess and address public health impacts of fracking, but based on the administration's most recent statement, people remain in the dark about what is really happening.

While it is good that the state may go through another round of rulemaking and public involvement, there has not been a guarantee from the governor that his administration will hold off on issuing fracking permits until the entire rulemaking process has been completed. This important point must be clarified.

The administration's history on this issue has been public policy by press release and, again, New Yorkers are left with more questions than answers. We ask the administration to be frank and honest with the public on this critical point."


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