Esmin Green Did Not Survive. Survivors of Psychiatry & Allies Demand Report from NYC Dept of Investigations

WE THE PEOPLE to Hold a Demonstration and Vigil in Her Memory, June 19, 2009 at Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room, Building R. from 5-10 Pm. Justice for Esmin Green. Justice for All

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY (05/29/2009)(readMedia)-- WE THE PEOPLE is reaching out to friends and family of Esmin Green who was murdered-by-neglect at the Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room June 19, 2008. They are also looking for survivors of psychiatry, anyone affected by mental health or psychiatric systems, and allies who want to see change and make their voices heard.Facility staff looked at Esmin face down on the floor - did nothing - and then tried to cover it up. The blatant negligence that was exhibited by facility staff should not be allowed to be brushed under the carpet - or excused for lack of team spirit, which Mr. Aviles, the President of Health and Hospitals Corporation which oversees Kings County Hospital Center, has tried to do. WE THE PEOPLE is demanding criminal charges in this murder-by-neglect and attempted cover-up. This ultimate violation of human rights can not be accepted by our society. WE THE PEOPLE is demanding that the New York City Department of Investigations release the report of the investigation into the death of Esmin Green and asks why the city is holding back such information?

On June 19, beginning at 5 PM, WE THE PEOPLE will be holding a demonstration calling for human rights in psychiatric systems. A candle light vigil to remember Esmin Green, a woman who should still be alive, will begin at 8 PM. Sanford Rubenstein, the attorney for the family is a confirmed speaker at the demonstration. He states,

"It is really important for people to make their voices heard so that what happened to Esmin Green never happens again".

WE THE PEOPLE invite you to stand with them in front of Kings County Hospital Center on June 19, 2009 from 5-10 PM to demand human rights in the psychiatric and mental health systems. Justice for Esmin Green. Justice for all.

Contact: Lauren Tenney (516) 319-4295 Daniel Hazen (301) 395-5378 website: