Holland, Michigan native brings disembodied legs to print

"Beware the Haunted Legs," an illustrated book about a pair of ghostly legs in search of a friend, initiates Kickstarter campaign

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Brian Cook

SAVANNAH, GA (02/28/2013)(readMedia)-- Holland High School and Savannah College of Art and Design grad Brian Cook, an award-winning illustrator who has done work for the bands Coldplay and Muse, has written and illustrated "Beware the Haunted Legs," a charmingly ghoulish book of illustrations that follow a pair of lonely, detached legs as they travel around the world looking for friends. He has recently initiated a Kickstarter campaign to get the book to the printer.

Brian's overactive imagination and a history of ghoulish drawings led him to this project. "About a year ago, I was thinking that in the ghost world, if bodies get their legs cut off, they are doomed to float around for eternity," explains Brian. "But rarely do we hear about the severed appendages. What happens to them? It made sense to me that if the body becomes a ghost, the legs wouldn't be far behind."

"It started out as a goofy idea but I soon realized this it had really great potential," continues Brian. "Wherever I went I got ideas for funny stuff the little legs could do, so I started to turn into a bigger project and found that the little legs had heart."

Brian credits high school for leading him on his path to being a professional illustrator. "I didn't really consider art a possible career until one of my art teachers at Holland High mentioned art school to me. It was in high school when I was hired for my first real paying illustration gig. Since then I've been doing freelance and have had illustrations printed in museum exhibitions, on concert gear, posters, comic covers, and all kinds of apparel."

Brian hopes that this book will help him enter the world of publishing.

To contribute to Brian's Kickstarter campaign, log onto www.kickstarter.com/projects/briancook/the-haunted-legs.