Linn-Mar Education Association recommends candidates for school board election

Recommends Anderson, Sauer and Wall and "YES" vote on bond referendum

MARION, IA (09/05/2017) (readMedia)-- The Linn-Mar Education Association (LMEA) recommends Robert (Bob) Anderson, John Sauer and Rachel Wall for the Linn-Mar School Board election on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

"The Linn-Mar Education Association's recommendation comes after close consideration by association leaders," said Erin Watts, president of the Linn-Mar Education Association (LMEA).

"The consensus is Robert Anderson, John Sauer and Rachel Wall will serve students, teachers and citizens of the Linn-Mar Community School District well. They have the convictions and integrity that will take Linn-Mar Schools to the next level as members of the Board of Education," said Watts.

The Linn Mar Education Association also recommends a "YES" vote on the school district's bond referendum.

"The bond will provide students with the space and facilities that are essential for learning and growth. As state lawmakers continue to starve public education, it unfortunately has become the job of the local taxpayer to provide for the basic needs of our students," Watts said.

The LMEA is the exclusive bargaining representative for education professionals in the Linn-Mar Community School District. The LMEA is affiliated with the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).