Lung Association Commends Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Farley for Their Efforts to Reduce Smoking in NYC

Statement from Vice President of Public Policy and Communications, Michael Seilback

NEW YORK, NY (09/14/2009)(readMedia)-- "The American Lung Association in New York strongly supports the goals of further reducing smoking rates in New York City as championed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Health Commissioner Thomas Farley in the Take Care New York 2012 plan they unveiled today. The Lung Association has advocated for a ban on smoking at City parks and beaches so as to reduce New Yorkers' exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke.

"Secondhand smoke has been scientifically linked to contributing and causing dozens of diseases and illnesses including asthma, heart disease, respiratory tract infections and ear infections. Secondhand smoke worsens asthma conditions and has been linked to being a significant cause of early childhood asthma. Limiting exposure to secondhand smoke would immediately improve public health.

"The American Lung Association in New York believes that city residents have a right to breathe clean smoke-free air and looks forward to working with the Mayor and the Administration to ensure that these recommendations are implemented."