Make This Father's Day Special By Quitting Smoking

Lung Association Offers Resources to Help Smokers Quit

ALBANY, NY (06/19/2009)(readMedia)-- The American Lung Association in New York is encouraging all New Yorkers who smoke, and dads in particular, to make this Father's Day all the more special by quitting smoking. Each year in New York state, more than 14,000 men die as a result of smoking and 1,600 kids go through the pain and anguish of losing their dads.

"While quitting smoking can be difficult, not quitting has tragic consequences," said Michael Seilback, Vice President for Public Policy and Communications. "The day that we honor dads and recognize the very special bond that exists between a father and child is an ideal time to make the commitment to finally quit smoking."

Seilback pointed out that those who decide to quit smoking can look forward to living richer, fuller and healthier lives free from the grip of tobacco and the myriad health risks that come with its use. What's more, fathers who quit aren't just helping to improve their own health, but the quality of life their children and other family members enjoy. Secondhand smoke contains more than 40 substances known to cause cancer. Exposure is dangerous and can prolong and worsen numerous medical conditions including bronchitis, asthma and sinus infections.

Despite the known health risks of smoking, tobacco use among men remains a serious problem. There are more than 25 million men in the U.S. who currently smoke, 1.5 million of them New Yorkers.

The best way for New Yorkers who smoke to celebrate this Father's Day is by quitting smoking. One easy way to begin the process is to pick up the phone and call the New York State Smokers' Quitline at 1-866-NYQUITS (1-866-697-8487).

Another helpful resource is the American Lung Association's free online smoking cessation program - Freedom from Smoking. The seven module program empowers smokers by providing them with the information they need to become smoke free and stay smoke free. The Freedom from Smoking website can be accessed at