Mechatronics Phase 1

Genesee Community College ~ Mechatronics Industrial Electronics Program

Student successfully completed "Mechatronics Phase 1: Industrial Electronics" through a partnership program with GCC's BEST Center and CNC Technical Solutions, Inc. in Medina, NY. Phase 1 is the first course in a 3-course program.

Students who successfully complete Phase 1 have participated in 136 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction and obtained the following competencies:

1. Students will apply basic concepts of electrical theory to build complete AC and DC circuits.

2. Students will use electrical/electronic test equipment including digital voltmeter, oscilloscope, amp meter, hi-potential tester and insulation testers to evaluate and troubleshoot circuits.

3. Students will solder components to create operating circuits.

4. Students will be able to identify electrical symbols on a schematic diagram, pair the symbol with actual components and troubleshoot circuits through reading schematics.

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