NYACS Statement on Impending Vax-or-Mask Mandate

ALBANY, NY (12/10/2021) (readMedia)-- Jim Calvin, President of the New York Association of Convenience Stores, issued the following statement regarding today's announcement that indoor public places across New York must either admit only fully vaccinated individuals or require everyone to wear facemasks starting Monday, December 13.


We appreciate the magnitude of the public health dilemma New York is facing, and the difficult choices our leaders must make to address it.

Checking the vaccination status of everyone stopping in for their morning coffee would make convenience stores "inconvenience" stores. On the other hand, past experience has shown that when our stores are thrust into the role of mask police, bad things can and do happen, including sporadic violence directed at employees just trying to do their job.

For now, we ask the cooperation of our valued customers as we strive to implement this policy in a manner that keeps our stores accessible and our team members safe. And we hope our state leaders will reconsider the wisdom of potentially placing our essential workers in harm's way.