National Organization for Women-NYS Applauds Congresswoman Slaughter

Demands that Supreme Court Nominee be Fully Vetted on Abortion Rights

ALBANY, NY (05/20/2010)(readMedia)-- According to the AP (, US Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to be sure US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan supports abortion rights. At issue is Kagan's memo advising President Bill Clinton to support the Daschle Amendment, which would have banned a medical procedure that opponents of abortion rights call "partial birth abortion."

NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas explains: "Like Slaughter, NOW-NYS finds that memo troubling. Before NOW-NYS supports this nominee, women need answers as to how Kagan will rule on issues of reproductive rights; abortion, contraception, and all forms of medical procedures that would affect a woman's privacy in making important decisions about her body. "

We call upon other women's rights, pro-choice organizations, and like-minded US Senators to join NOW-NYS in demanding that the Senate Judiciary Committee ask the very important questions in order to clarify Kagan's position.