National Organization for Women-NYS Decries No-Fault Divorce Bill S3890a/A9753a

Women Senators Dance as They Throw Women & Children Under the Bus

ALBANY, NY (06/16/2010)(readMedia)-- The NY State Senate's recent passage of a No-Fault Divorce Bill has prompted many women senators to stand up cheer, congratulating one another on what they claim is a great victory. But this time the National Organization for Women-NYS will not join the cheering. In fact, NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas decried the "woman senators who danced in the aisle as they threw women and children under the bus."

Pappas explained that "Senators Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D), Liz Kruger (D), and Diane Savino (D) led the charge, twisting Democrats' arms to pass a bill that will devastate our State's women and children. For under No-Fault, victims of domestic violence, even violence documented with hospital reports, police reports, and witness statements, will be told by a judge there was "no fault" in their divorce."

NOW maintains that this law will give judges permission to ignore "cruel and inhuman treatment" as grounds for divorce. Consequently, the moneyed spouse (usually the husband) would have freedom to shelter the marital assets, hire an attorney, and start divorce proceedings before his wife ever suspects what is happening. Pappas said that already judges routinely ignore domestic violence and that this law would rubber stamp the practice.

Pappas remarked that "It was particularly disappointing to see Senator Jose Peralta (D) side with the No-Fault proponents." This newest Senator replaced former Senator Hiram Monserrate (D) who was expelled from the Senate after a domestic violence conviction. Pappas said "Peralta actually won the seat by campaigning as an advocate for victims of domestic violence."

At this time, ninety-five percent of all divorces are settled out of court. Pappas holds that the support No-Fault enjoys from the NYS Bar Association and the NYS Women's Bar Association is because their members will gain monetarily from the move, which will drive more cases into the courts.

Pappas concludes that "this is an election year, and those who fund campaigns have the most to win or lose. Attorneys who line the wallets of elected officials will benefit legislatively and gain new clients from this heinous law. And of course those same attorneys influence the elections financially."

NOW-NYS urges the NYS Assembly to stop this madness and to oppose the No-Fault Divorce Bill (A 9753-A) because it will hurt women and children of NYS. NOW-NYS further urges the Governor to veto this bill if it comes to his desk.