New York National Guard Prayer Breakfast Gathers Troops to Strengthen Spiritual Readiness

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The Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program

CAMP SMITH TRAINING SITE, CORTLANDT MANOR, N.Y. (01/09/2015)(readMedia)-- The New York Army National Guard ministry team from the 53rd Troop Command and New York Guard welcomes the former New York State Chaplain to the unit's joint prayer breakfast this weekend. The event supports Army National Guard Soldiers and New York Guard state defense force volunteers training at the New York National Guard Camp Smith Training Site.

The focus of the gathering, led by more than a half dozen military chaplains and lay leaders, emphasizes the important role of Spiritual Readiness as part of Soldier resiliency and overall Comprehensive Soldier Fitness in the New Year.

WHO: Members of the New York Army National Guard ministry team from the 53rd Troop Command and New York Guard welcome retired Chaplain (Colonel) Eric Olsen, former New York State National Guard Chaplain. The program also welcomes the East Ward Missionary Baptist Church Choir to the morning program.

WHAT: The Camp Smith Joint Prayer Breakfast, brings together Soldiers and Chaplains of all faiths and denominations to discuss Spiritual Readiness and Soldier resiliency.

WHEN: 9 a.m., Saturday, January 10, 2015.

WHERE: Chaplain Duffy Chapel and Spiritual Fitness Center, Building 82, New York National Guard Camp Smith Training Site, Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.

Coverage opportunities:

Reporters can speak with military chaplains and Soldiers about their service and the role of spiritual fitness in Soldier readiness. Imagery to include readings and choir performances by the East Ward Missionary Baptist Church Choir.For news media access to the Camp Smith Training Site, editors or reporters must contact Chaplain (Capt.) James Kim at 212-335-0685 to be included on the security force access roster at the main entry gate.


Comprehensive Soldier Fitness and Spiritual Readiness

Spiritual fitness for Soldiers is described as one's purpose, core values, beliefs, identity, and life vision.

It is part of the five dimensions of Soldier strength, including social, emotional, family, spiritual and physical strength.

The elements of Spiritual Fitness, which define the essence of a person, enable one to build inner strength, make meaning of experiences, behave ethically, persevere through challenges, and be resilient when faced with adversity. An individual's spirituality draws upon personal, philosophical, psychological, and/or religious teachings, and forms the basis of their character.

Chaplain Duffy Chapel and Spiritual Fitness Center, Camp Smith Training Site:

The Chaplain Duffy Chapel and Spiritual Fitness Center was rededicated in March 2011 to provide an expanded and more inclusive mission: to provide religious support to a religiously diverse military, enhance spiritual fitness and family wellness, and equip Soldiers with the resources for moral leadership and sound ethical decision-making. The new Spiritual Fitness Center includes – in addition to the existing sanctuary for Jewish and Christian services - a growing Spiritual Fitness and Moral Leadership Library with some of the most current titles in print.

Camp Smith has served as a training area for the New York National Guard since 1882 when 97 acres of the McCoy Farm was leased for summer training. The site was purchased in 1885 and called Peekskill Camp until 1919 when it was named for then-Governor Al Smith. Today, Camp Smith comprises 1,585 acres of training property.

Approximately 94 percent of Camp Smith is rugged mountainous terrain ideal for light infantry tactical maneuvers and paramilitary training. The remaining 95 acres cantonment area consists of outdoor ranges, training simulation facilities, administrative buildings, and a maintenance shop. The New York Army National Guard, the Army Reserve, the United States Military Academy, and federal and local law enforcement agencies all conduct training at Camp Smith.