State Board Testifies Before Moreland Commission

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ALBANY, NY (10/28/2013)(readMedia)-- In the third public hearing held by the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, the State Board of Elections will have their first opportunity to offer testimony to the Commission.

Co-Executive Directors Robert A. Brehm and Todd D. Valentine will testify concerning the structure and operations of the State Board and Deputy Enforcement Counsel William J. McCann will address the workings of the Campaign Finance and Enforcement Unit.

In addition to their testimony, all three will answer questions for the Commission.

"We are excited about the opportunity to testify," said John Conklin, spokesperson. "We have marshalled our evidence and our answers. We would hope that the commission will agree that our agency is understaffed and underfunded and has been for a long while. We've had flat budgets for years. Our technology is outdated. We've been given new tasks repeatedly without the necessary increase in resources that it would take to effectively carry out those new responsibilities."

"We have some suggestions on how to improve the workings of the agency, but we are hopeful that the commission will recognize our dire needs and include in its recommendations a plea that we are allocated additional means to carry out our mission."

A copy of the written testimony is attached.