State Board Website to have Unofficial Results for Federal Primary Elections

ALBANY, NY (06/24/2014)(readMedia)-- The NY State Board of Elections website ( will have unofficial election results for all primary elections for Federal office being held today, to be posted beginning after the close of polls and updated as results are received from county boards of elections.The link will be live starting on Election Day. The results will show the total votes cast for each candidate, both on a district-wide basis and separately broken down by each county within a district. In addition, the State Board's site will allow users to customize their experience, showing only the results for those contests they designate to be tracked. Counties have been asked to make their first update of results no later than 10pm. Additional updates will be accepted throughout the evening while a final mandatory update is expected when the local board closes for the night. The preliminary election night results displayed on our website are based on the results reported by each county, are strictly unofficial and are posted as a convenience to the public. New York State Election Law requires a complete recanvass of all votes cast on Election Day and the counting of all valid absentee, affidavit, overseas and military ballots before the election results can be certified. This process will take place within 9 days of the election. After the recanvass, each local Board certifies the election result pursuant to and in accordance with the procedures set forth in the applicable portions of New York State Election Law and forwards them to the State Board for statewide certification.