Statement Concerning Gas Station Backup Power Plan in New State Budget

ALBANY, NY (03/21/2013)(readMedia)-- Statement by Jim Calvin, President, New York Association of Convenience Stores:

We are pleased that the new state budget includes a workable plan for deployment of back-up power at gas stations based on the lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy.

Made possible by the leadership of Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Co-Leaders Skelos and Klein, and Assembly Speaker Silver, the plan balances the need to ensure the availability of motor fuel to consumers during emergencies with the need to avoid imposing unreasonable costs on struggling retail business operators.

NYACS is grateful to Governor Cuomo and Leaders Skelos, Klein and Silver and their staffs for the chance to be part of the constructive dialogue that produced this major step forward for disaster preparedness. We look forward to working with them to implement the program downstate, and with NYSERDA as it examines upstate needs and determines how best to address them.