Statement from the New York Water Rangers on Proposed Revised Fracking Regs

ALBANY, NY (11/29/2012)(readMedia)-- Attributable to the New York Water Rangers:

"The Cuomo administration's decision to propose revised fracking regulations undermines the governor's oft-stated promise to let the science drive his decision-making process.

By issuing revised rules before the Departments of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Health (DOH), and their outside experts, have had the chance to undertake a comprehensive review of fracking's consequences, the governor and his staff are signaling that it is not important to understand the public health impacts from fracking. But this knowledge is critical, and must be used to shape regulations and ultimately determine whether or not to permit fracking in New York State.

Millions of New Yorkers who could bear the burden of unknown consequences have been left in the dark.

Ignoring the ongoing health and environmental review processes by rushing new rules that have to be finalized by the end of February appears to be either politically motivated or messy administration at the expense of all New Yorkers.

Governor Cuomo must remain true to his assurances to place the public's best interests first and let this process be determined by the science alone. We're calling on the administration to hold off on issuing revised regulations until all of the science on the potential health and environmental impacts are in, and the public's questions have been answered."