Statement on Impact of Climate Change in New York

Attributable to Rob Moore, Executive Director

ALBANY, NY (11/02/2012)(readMedia)-- "We cannot always know when or where a serious weather event will occur – or even what impacts such an event may have on our communities or environment – but we do know that we cannot wait until another disaster like Hurricane Sandy before our state takes action to fight climate change and modernize its aging infrastructure.

As Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg stated, climate change is contributing to increasingly erratic and unpredictable weather, and the probability for more severe disasters in the future is alarming.

At a time when public officials are dodging the issue of climate change or, worse yet, proudly displaying their ambivalence, we applaud our leaders for acknowledging a reality that is unequivocally supported by a preponderance of scientific knowledge: that our climate is warming, and that New York and the country will experience similar, if not more damaging, events more frequently in our future.

The Governor and Mayor did a tremendous job in preparing New Yorkers in advance of Hurricane Sandy. Without their leadership there is no doubt the damage and loss of life could have been far more staggering. Now, as we look forward, past the recovery and reconstruction necessary in the aftermath of the past week's tragic events, what will New York's response be?

New York, and the nation as a whole, should see Hurricane Sandy as a symptom of the new 'normal' for dangerous storms on our rapidly warming planet. Action cannot wait.

Environmental Advocates of New York, and all New Yorkers, stand ready to work hand-in-hand with Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg to fight climate change, decrease our state's contribution to this global problem, and keep our communities safe when the next super storm event comes knocking."


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