The Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard to Retire

Maj. Gen. Daniel M. Krumrei served in National Guard for 38 years

SPRINGFIELD, IL (05/23/2015)(readMedia)-- The Adjutant General of the Illinois, Maj. Gen. Daniel M. Krumrei, sent the following statement to the Soldiers and Airmen of the Illinois National Guard on Friday, May 22:

22 May 2014

Retirement Message of Major General Daniel M. Krumrei, The Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard:

I am announcing my retirement as Illinois Adjutant General, effective 8 June 2015, with my official retirement

from the National Guard scheduled to be July 4, 2015. Retirement Dinner date TBD.

It is my honor to serve alongside America's latest greatest generation. I chose this life of service as one of the

first in America's 'All Volunteer Army'. I am a proud traditional member of the National Guard.

Our Illinois National Guard is filled with amazing citizen Soldiers and citizen Airmen. Our Families are

phenomenal. You often work and train countless hours for no pay (especially our traditional members), often

serve above your pay grade, serve anywhere and everywhere at a moment's notice, with Families who sacrifice

so very much to support us; so that together we help our neighbors, protect our state, and defend our nation. I

am proud to be associated with you.

It has been my privilege to serve with all of you in Illinois for almost a quarter century, as well as with

Guardsmen in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin over the past 38 years. My time in the Guard provided amazing

opportunities, education, and experiences - each a blessing in its own way. None of it would have been possible

without the help and support from my wife, family, employers, enlisted, warrants, officers, state employees,

contractors, and volunteers. It takes an army to make a General, and I thank God for each person in my life.

It has been my intent over the past few years to begin the transition of the Illinois National Guard from an

expeditionary force focused on war overseas, returning to a community based Guard, while losing none of our

professional military expertise. I said from day one that we could do both our State missions and our Federal

missions equally and exceptionally well.

I have every confidence that the Illinois National Guard, led by outstanding men and women, will continue to

provide the leadership to keep us effectively on track. The new Adjutant General will have my complete

support, and I must admit I will not mind the moniker, "graybeard".

As Commander of the Illinois National Guard, I emphasized teamwork, transparency, openness to new ideas,

personal initiative, diversity as strength, mentoring, and a very real fight against the predators hiding in our

formations to commit heinous acts of sexual harassment and assault. I wanted us to "think bigger" while

understanding how much our civilian leadership and Active component demands of our Soldiers, Airmen, and

Families while we are at drill, annual training, schools, and deployed.

Most of you don't know this, but there are only 34 pictures in my office - a picture of each Illinois Guardsman

who lost her or his life in combat. Seeing them every day, reminds me of their sacrifices - and yours. I chose in

this transition to focus on the Soldier and Airman on the ground, the challenges in front of us, and the Families

behind us. As to my degree of success, well, you are the judge.

I am a proud traditional Guardsman at heart, so my last days as TAG will be the June drill, in ACU, with you.

GEN George C. Marshall was right, (and I'm certain he meant men and women – I know I do) when he said,

"The Soldier's heart, the Soldier's spirit, The Soldier's soul are everything. Unless the Soldier's soul sustains

him, he cannot be relied upon, and will fail himself, and his commander, and his country, in the end."

I pray continued success for you all, as you help your neighbors, protect this state, and defend this nation.

Thank you, one-and-all.