2010 Political Calendar & Campaign Finance Filing Calendar Now Available

ALBANY, NY (03/19/2010)(readMedia)-- The Political Calendar for the 2010 election cycle is now available on the New York State Board of Elections website: www.elections.state.ny.us .

The Political Calendar contains ready reference to the significant dates pertaining to elections to be held in New York State. It constitutes a valuable guide to the proper administration of our election process. It is used by voters, candidates, the press and political parties to determine critical dates throughout the year. The Calendar alerts the public to when the Primary and General Elections will be held; deadlines for registering to vote for the Primary and General Elections; when to request an absentee ballot; significant dates for military and overseas voters; and important deadlines for nominating petitions and judicial conventions.

All dates are based on statutory provisions in effect on the date of publication. Final confirmation should be obtained from your county board of elections. For complete information be sure to consult the applicable Election Law and Regulations which are available by link on our homepage.

In addition, the Campaign Finance Filing Calendar for the 2010 election cycle is now available on the State Board's website, as well.

The Campaign Finance Filing Calendar is used by candidates, the press and political committees to determine critical dates for filing campaign finance disclosure reports. For complete information on the manner, time and place for filing campaign financial disclosure reports, contact the State Board of Elections at 1-800-458-3453, your county board of elections, or see Article 14 of the NYS Election Law and Part 6200 of the Board's Rules and Regulations.