City Hall School Bus Flip Flop – City was for EPP in bids before they were against it

City's intransigence is putting children at risk

ALBANY, NY (01/14/2013)(readMedia)-- The following joint statement was released by New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento and New York City Central Labor Council President Vincent Alvarez:

There seems to be a severe case of amnesia sweeping through City Hall these days. City officials have conveniently forgotten that they defended the cost and the legality of including the Employee Protection Provision (EPP) in contracts in Court. The simple fact is the EPP ensures that the best drivers and crews are responsible for transporting our children to school, and is thereby directly related to safety.

The EPP is not illegal. The City is hiding behind an unrelated Court of Appeals decision that does not apply.

While we all support and welcome a competitive bidding process, we must put the safety of New York City children first. Hopefully, City Hall will recognize that it created this problem, and therefore can solve it simply by once again recognizing the importance of the EPP and the safe experienced work force it creates.

The following are some of the City's statements in court proceedings in favor of the EPP:

"EPPs advanced accepted competitive bidding goals by...facilitating the use of proven, experienced workers, hence enhancing quality..."

"...the desirable goal is best quality for lowest cost, as opposed to lowest cost in a vacuum. . . .providing transportation for very young disabled children, an unrelenting focus on the lowest cost is unrealistic and improper..."

"EPPs. . .should be sustained because they promote the public bidding goals of obtaining the best possible services at the lowest possible costs."