D.C. National Guard will support the District during the expected blizzard this weekend

WASHINGTON, DC (01/22/2016)(readMedia)-- The District of Columbia National Guard has been called up to support the District of Columbia's Snow Emergency Plan during the expected blizzard this weekend.

The D.C. Guard is providing support at the request of the District government. D.C. Guard Soldiers and Airmen have reported to duty and have been dispatched to locations in the District to provide support using HUMVEES to transport essential personnel.

The D.C. Guard is authorized to deploy more than 100 personnel and up to 30 vehicles in support of the District.

The D.C. Guard will serve in a support role to the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, or HSEMA. The D.C. Guard's mission is to help ensure continuous operations and response capabilities in the District throughout the snowstorm.

Essential personnel may include doctors, police, and fire and other emergency rescue personnel.

The D.C. Guard has provided similar support to the District during previous snowstorms and other emergencies.

For more information contact the D.C. National Guard Public Affairs Office. Points of contact: Maj. Byron Coward, byron.b.coward.mil@mail.mil or (202) 492-9518; or Staff Sgt. Aimee Fujikawa, aimee.f.fujikawa.mil@mail.mil or (202) 685-9693.