It's All Summer Fun with this 'Fair Game'

DES MOINES, IA (03/17/2010)(readMedia)-- Who says the Fair only comes once a year? Internationally recognized, the Iowa State Fair has provided a fun-filled summer outing for over 150 years. With a fairgrounds full of food, crazy contests and entertaining events, the Fair creates lasting memories for all of its fans. While the Fair is still months away, you can take the Fair home right now with the award-winning "It's a Fair Game" board game.

Created exclusively for the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation, this popular board game allows Fair fans of all ages to enjoy the Fair year-round. Following its successful debut at the 2009 Iowa State Fair, co-creator Dan Livengood entered "It's a Fair Game" in the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Pyramid Awards, the industry's highest honor. The board game was one of three finalists and was recognized as the overall winner in the consumer products category at the PPAI national convention in Las Vegas. "For me the experience was what I imagine winning an Oscar feels like," commented Livengood about his trip onstage to accept the award. Since its crowning in Las Vegas, "It's a Fair Game" has been featured in several trade publications and captured the attention of hundreds of respected industry professionals.

"Our primary objective was to create a custom product that is considered a keepsake. People have such a deep emotional connection to the Fair, we wanted something that could bring forth that feeling at home when they played the game," said Robin Taylor, Assistant Director of the Blue Ribbon Foundation and co-creator of the game. "In addition to appealing to a wide demographic, the game is also intended to strengthen the brand and image of the Iowa State Fair."

"It's a Fair Game" is designed to follow a path around the fairgrounds that a regular fairgoer would recognize. Dan Livengood, the designer of Iowa State Fairopoly, was hired to help create this fun and competitive pathway game. He then brought in Cathy Rickers of Art-Ala-Carte to develop the illustrations and design components. "We always looked forward to seeing what colorful characters Cathy created each time we received an updated game design," commented Taylor. "I can honestly say I am thrilled with the results!" In fact, the game became so popular that there are only limited quantities available.

Made from over 95 percent post recycled, post-consumer material, this award-winning collectible is custom designed and includes an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. In addition, the funds raised through game sales contribute to the Blue Ribbon Foundation's ongoing mission of renovating and preserving the historic Iowa State Fairgrounds. Games are available for sale ($25 plus shipping) through the Foundation by calling 1-800-450-3732 or ordering online at

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