National Organization for Women-NYS Says Stop the Presses for No Fault Divorce

No Fault Divorce Hurts Women and Children

ALBANY, NY (03/19/2010)(readMedia)-- Two weeks ago, NOW-NYS (National Organization For Women) President Marcia Pappas attended a New York State Senate Judiciary Committee meeting where she witnessed the defeat of the proposed Hassell-Thompson No Fault Bill (S3890). NOW-NYS considers the legislation extremely dangerous in that it provides no protections for women and children. In a recent speech Pappas explained: "We all know that divorce often plummets women into poverty. And when women live in poverty, their children are affected too. All we are asking is that the NYS Legislature take steps to protect the lives of women and children in divorce situations."

The No Fault vote outcome, at twelve to ten against the bill, was clearly announced at the meeting. But twenty-four hours later, it was announced that there would be a "re-vote" due to "confusion." Pappas asks: "What confusion? The bill was clearly defeated. NOW-NYS sees this underhanded move as a clear sign there would be a lot of arm-twisting to get the vote that the Democratic leadership wants. This is unacceptable. Equally or more disappointing is that Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D) has not been open to amending this legislation in order to include protection for the lives of women and children."

Now Pappas is asking women's rights supporters to stay on the case: "We at NOW-NYS are asking you to again contact the NYS Senate Judiciary Committee for this re-vote scheduled for 10 AM on March 23 in Capitol Room #124. We guess they will keep taking the vote until they get the results that they want, but this is NOT democracy. Please copy and paste the emails below to send the committee a clear message that they must AGAIN VOTE NO on the Hassell-Thompson No Fault Bill (S3890), and to continue voting NO until the bill is amended. Please let the State Senate know that it is not acceptable to throw New York's women and children under the bus."