New York State Fresh Strawberries Are at Their Peak !

Get Down and Pick Some Berries for Dad's Father's Day Strawberry Shortcake

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LEWISTON, NY (06/09/2010)(readMedia)-- Well they are finally here for everyone to enjoy. The sweet taste of summer is just down the road at your local fresh fruit market or U-Pick farm. Fresh delicious strawberries are now available and at their peek of size and flavor now for the next few weeks. These are the real deal that we all wait all year for that taste so good. They are locally grown and harvested right here on our very own New York State farms. They are ripened naturally by the warm sunshine and bursting with flavor. Now one caution for each of you! Please do not tell the kids that these sweet treats are actually full of vitamins that are actually healthy for you. We would not want to spoil thier enjoyment now would we?

So how do you find these summer delights you ask? It could not be easier. Turn on your computer. Log onto our web site at and up will pop our home page. There you will find a Find a Farm site to click on. There you find your county and again click to see the names of operations close to you. Here you will find information on where these operations are and how to contact them for picking information and hours of operation. Once you have selected your local farm then gather up the entire family both young and old and head on down to either purchase or pick your own fresh starwberries. If you decide to pick your own I dare you not to sample these gems as tou gather your bounty. Picking your own strawberries is a great way to spend the day with those you love. As the adds suggest I am certain you will find the experience, "Priceless!"

A final word of caution however. Strawberries are only here for about one month so you must take the initiative and get them today while Mother Nature still has them to offer. But do not feel too bad. Mother Nature has equally great raspberries and blueberries later in the season for you to enjoy. Yes the berry growers of New York State will be providing you with fresh berries for the entire season. So get started and find that special grower near you who can help you become "Berry Good at U-Picking!". See soon down on the farm.