Strawberry Season is Officially Here In New York State

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SANBORN, NY (06/07/2011)(readMedia)-- The growers from the tip of Long Island to the northern shores of Lake Champlain and on west to the Niagara Frontier wish to inform everyone that the strawberries are now ready for your consumption. The New York State Berry Growers Association is announcing that these annual sweet delights are ready and will be for the next month. The season in New York is short so it is important for the Association to announce each year when the berries are at their seasonal peak. The strawberry season in New York is always centered around the Father's Day holiday.

The New York State Berry Growers Association has a web site that will assist you in locating the closest berry farm to your home. Click on to access the site. Once you are on you will find many helpful tips on this 2011 berry crop. Today we wish you to click on the side bar called "FIND A FARM." Once you do this you can locate your County. The growers in your County will have their farm information for you to read and contact numbers. By calling the local berry farm in your area you will be able to find just exactly how to get to the farm, prime picking times and more useful information to make your visit rewarding.

Berries in New York are a signal of the wonderful summer season ahead. The strawberry season in New York State is short but sweet. The New York State Berry Growers wish to tell you that they have many other berries for your personal consumption all summer and into the fall. Shortly after the last strawberry is harvested these same excellent growers will be offering up raspberries and blueberries for you enjoyment.

The season is just beginning so get out and meet your local berry grower and make your very own personal connection with one of the many excellent growers of the New York State Berry Growers. It is so nice to eat healthy when it tastes so good!