President of NOW-NYS Calls Upon LADY GAGA & Robin Hood Foundation to Withhold $100,000 Prize Money

From NY Group Said to Have Shown Bias Against Women, Pending Inquiry

ALBANY, NY (05/07/2011)(readMedia)-- Marcia Pappas, President of the New York State National Organization for Women, is calling upon Lady Gaga and the Robin Hood Foundation, to withhold $100,000 in prize money about to be awarded to Lawyers for Children, a New York group that reportedly has shown bias against women, pending an investigation/inquiry into the group. NOW-NYS will be asking Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate fully.

Lady Gaga and the Robin Hood Foundation co-sponsored a $1 Million Dollar Giveaway contest on Facebook where Lawyers for Children was listed as one of five groups that could win $1 million dollars, according to how many votes they received -- by latest counts, Lawyers for Children will receive $100,000 in prize money, as they came in 4th in the voting, which ended today.

"Simply put, we ask that Lady Gaga and the Robin Hood Foundation withhold the $100,000 in prize money they are about to award to Lawyers for Children, until charges by several women that this group has shown bias against women can be investigated," says Marcia Pappas.

"I am certain that Lady Gaga and the Robin Hood Foundation would never knowingly support any group that has shown bias against women. I am greatly concerned that Lawyers for Children is being considered for a grant award of this type from Lady Gaga and Robin Hood. Contest rules state that any of the 5 groups can be disqualified from the contest for misconduct, and we have received many reports regarding Lawyers for Children and their ethics, including charges of bias against women," states Ms. Pappas.


New York National Organization for Women, in New York Post, 11/12/06, charged Lawyers for Children showed bias against women:

"...the National Organization for Women charged the agency [Lawyers for Children] has...shown bias against women."

- New York Post 11/12/06: Lawyers 'Lies' Sent Me to Bad Pa

April Soler (a child quoted in New York Post 11/12/06 article), stated Lawyers for Children made false statements to court on her behalf, resulting in April being placed into custody of her abusive father:

"A 16-year-old Manhattan student says a court-appointed lawyer badly botched her parents' custody case, convincing a judge to send her to an abusive father by falsely testifying about how she felt toward her mom."