Rose Pierre-Louis Responds to Mayor de Blasio's Comments on RCV

NEW YORK, NY (07/13/2021) (readMedia)-- Today, Mayor de Blasio commented that he would reassess ranked choice voting if it enfranchised some people and not others. In response, Rose Pierre-Louis, board memeber of Rank the Vote NYC, issued the following statement:

"New York City voters loved ranked choice voting and they elected the most diverse City Council in history, as well as the second Black Mayor of NYC. The exit polling showed no difference in understanding among demographic groups because ranking is a simple process. Some voters might not have ranked all the way because they didn't have more than one candidate; it doesn't mean they didn't understand the system and our data show that they clearly did. Runoff elections under the old system are what's actually disenfranchising, as well as more expensive. Voters chose ranked choice voting."